First of May 2017 (the opportunity for an analysis)

First of May 2017 (the opportunity for an analysis)

Within the public administration, in case of undesirable civil servants, the criterion of promotion-for-removal is applied. This way, the civil servant is assigned to a prestigious but ineffective position. The same logic can be applied to the date of May the 1st: formally this date is celebrated in almost every country of the world whereas workers, the actual theme of the day, are fooled every day by a walking skeleton capitalism. The capitalistic society is kept alive thanks to the plus-work of workers, forced to sell their labour-skills for a semi-survival salary. The current development of productive resources would instead allow billion of human beings to work less and live better. The race towards a greater misery never ends, it is a loyal companion of the walking skeleton of capitalism. As Marx recalls, science and technology developments and discoveries often turn into a new mean to exploit and deplete the working class. Nevertheless, the political agenda of the bourgeois governments does not envisage a new socio-economic model, but instead imperialistic wars and a new arming race. Democratic institutions, which are told as at the service of every citizen, are actually those of a parasitic social class that feeds on a production system leading humanity to the abyss. Within the foolish capitalistic social organisation, the constant threat of a military clash among nations-states over the control of productive factors, technology, energy and trade routes, are hidden by ideological and religious (or recently the export of democracy) justifications. These threats worry and psychologically terrify societies. The potential clash keeps militarily recruiting portions of the working class. Workers, if not already dead because of accidents at work or industrial pollution, find their death in local bourgeois wars (both as civilians or soldiers).

As regards the deterioration of life conditions, the recent Italian legislative and economic falling back are trends that can be identified in every country of the world: the raise of the retirement age, massive unemployment and significant reduction of the purchasing power, increasing insecurity of the labour market, discretional power to companies’ management (both private and public), easing in the labour market exit regulation, control and repression of the class-conflict. The control is implemented through the bourgeois cultural models whereas the repressioni is implemented through actual and potential violence.

Therefore, what is the analysis conclusion regarding the current social class conflict (between capital and labour)?

A negative one. Human beings have never been so in danger as nowadays, threated and demeaned by an anti-historical socio-economic system. Economic crises caused by the capital surplus keep occurring with the sole goal of destroying excessive productive factors (both capital and labour).

The working class is the only social entity able to stop the capitalism dynamics. However, mass struggles are needed to defend its current interest and to reinforce the Communist Party (currently weak on the organisation side).

Sinistra comunista internazionale. Schio (VI). Via Cristoforo n.49


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