1 may 2023

crisis time, war time, fighting time

“Every step forward in a real movement is more important than a dozen programmes” – “If the class were to give way to life in its daily conflict with the capital, you would lose the ability to undertake any bigger movement”  K. MARX

Capitalism increasingly shows that it is impossible to solve problems that plague humanity as a whole. The economic crisis is worsening very rapidly, worsening proletariate conditions (precariousness, hunger wages, rising work rates, unemployment, mortality at work, emigration to escape inhumane life conditions). Inflation further reduces already poor purchasing power, pushing millions of proletes to limit of survival.  War in the heart of Europe (the latest in a series uninterrupted conflicts that have never been interrupted since the end of the Second War global) further aggravates the situation.World borghesia prepares to solve its overproduction crisis and competition between the various national borders with a world war to control markets and destroy surpluses men and goods.

The devastation of the environment has long reached the point of no return in this mortal and dissipative social system.

With scientific and technological resources, which have been available for a long time, it could be possible to solve the problems that humanity suffers and reduce the working week to a few hours.  This will be possible only in a different social system, communism

Capitalism cannot do more but to continue on its path of destruction, wars, environmental devastation; it was a system that could not be reformed a century ago and, a fortiori, cannot be so today.  The very survival of the human species is called into question. However, we should not dispair; battle movements are beginning to emerge that, regardless of the triggering cause (a legal reform, the increase in prices, compression of the most basic freedoms, pension reform, etc.), reveal the need to a different way of life; in a human society.

Squares around the world are filling up with masses that protest, even violently.  Power, which no longer has room for manoeuvre, cannot do more than respond with repression; regime trade unions are powerless to play their role as firefighters and try to break the protests to damp them.

In the face of this dramatic situation, the proletariate must be organised autonomously to defend his immediate interests without distinguishing between local proletariate and immigrant proletariate, without distinguishing between the various national proletariats. The proletariate has no nation! Therefore, it must not be rerouted from the nationalist and war sirens; it must not stand up with this or that war front, as it gets massacre on the battlefields. The only enemy of the proletariate is the borghesia, especially the national one, not the other proletarians, not the immigrants.

There are no other ways.  Either us or them: either a disaster that would affect the whole human species or the transition to a higher social system: communism.

  • Resolute defence of our living conditions, including by organising with the immigrant proletariate.
  • Practice revolutionary defattism against any capitalism war.
  • Organise in the future World Communist Party.

Partito Comunista Internazionale- La Sinistra Comunista Internazionale-www.sinistracomunistainternazionale.com –  s.i.p. c/o Circolo Operaio di Magrè (Schio)


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